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: Polls and Surveys

  1. *CLOSED* Poll: What is the Status of Your Fiesta Order?
  2. What do you like best about your new Fiesta?
  3. Is the Fiesta your first new car?
  4. What If Ford Had Offered a 3 Door Hatch (or 2 door Sedan) " At Launch?
  5. What Fiesta?
  6. Fiesta Buyer Age
  7. Did you get Powershift or 5 Speed Manual?
  8. Parking your vehicle
  9. How many cars in your household?
  10. Will you modify your Fiesta?
  11. Hatch or Sedan?
  12. SYNC Users: How do you connect with your songs?
  13. Why HAVEN'T You Bought a Fiesta Yet?
  14. Mileage Tracker
  15. What should I name my Fiesta?
  16. What do you do for a living?
  17. What do you do to live?
  18. Color popularity
  19. Brand loyalty (before buying or ordering a Fiesta)?
  20. What is the Status of Your Fiesta Ownership/Order? - Part 3
  21. Did you take the Ford Extended Warranty and/or Maintenance Plan?
  22. When will I ever break in my car?
  23. Gender and Body Style that is Chosen
  24. Gender and Body Style
  25. Have you named your car?
  26. Did you settle?
  27. A random question for the girls....
  28. Wrong location for post -
  29. Another one for the girls . .
  30. What is everyones race and nationality?
  31. Should there be a photo thread/forum
  32. youngest fiesta owner
  33. How Many Miles?
  34. Ford Fiesta Top speed?
  35. Coldest winter start WITHOUT block heater
  36. Which gas grade do you use in your Fiesta?
  37. Gas Prices
  38. Thoughts on Dealer Delivery
  39. Are you going to buy your fiesta after your lease is up?
  40. OEM Tires - Hankook or Kumho?
  41. Happy Powershifters?
  42. Exhaust ideas.
  43. Heated seats revisted
  44. How attached to your vehicles are you?
  45. Favorite Aftermarket Upgrade
  46. What do you wear to work?
  47. Money spending dilemma...
  48. Have You Had Problems with Your PowerShift?
  49. Gas Prices
  50. Lease: would you go above and beyond?
  51. Good dealer, Bad dealer
  52. Powershift drivers with/without clutch pedal experience
  53. Ambient Lighting: What's your mood?
  54. other forums
  55. Does Sync girl hate you or your spouse?
  56. Not another poll? Geezz
  57. What should I ask Ford to do for me?
  58. Avg mpg
  59. Top Gear
  60. What are you listening to right now?
  61. What did you do to your Fiesta today?
  62. Plating
  63. Were any you aware of these tips?
  64. Would you consider a Ka size car?
  65. How many people....
  66. After 3000 miles...
  67. New 2012 Interior. Opinions?
  68. Name my Silver SES
  69. Add another forum section: "Faction Events"
  70. New Fiesta on Order...What to do?!?!
  71. Final tally for K&N meet, June 25th (Next Sat.)
  72. What are your other cars?
  73. Natasha - what do you drive? Curious minds want to know!
  74. Add a Faction Events Section?
  75. My Honey Bunny loves my Fiesta
  76. Add a Faction 'Shopping and Buying' section?
  77. Interior Door Handle Location?
  78. Idle thought.
  79. Pie?
  80. A better pie poll
  81. Best Pie Poll
  82. Another insane poll
  83. What's most awesome?
  84. Shoes
  85. What's on your desktop?
  86. You say...
  87. What Was Your Memorable 'First Time'?
  88. Dream Car
  89. To like or dislike. That is the question.
  90. To like or dislike. That is the question.
  91. Sedan vs. Hatchback
  92. What problems have you had?
  93. Irene VS Fiesta; Who Will Win?
  94. Styles vs Transmissions
  95. Garage or no garage?
  96. Who Knew These Existed
  97. fiesta color poll
  98. Financing
  99. How do you tunes in your Fiesta?
  100. Moving to UK: Still buy my Fiesta?
  101. Did you buy, finance or lease?
  102. Another color poll
  103. Odometer at time of delivery
  104. Mods you would never do to your Fiesta?
  105. What song was #1 when you were born?
  106. Interesting stats
  107. Your Owner's Manual
  108. Car Wash tipping
  109. How old are you?
  110. What made you pick the Ford Fiesta?
  111. Do you race your Ford Fiesta?
  112. Decision stereo or STS?
  113. What is your average MPG?
  114. Where to place "FIESTA FACTION" decal??
  115. First oil change at the dealership...bad experience!
  116. Superbowl
  117. How many miles do you have on your Fiesta?
  118. deal on magnaflow or fswerks
  119. Am I wrong?
  120. The Bad.
  121. Your fiesta peeves
  122. GI: headlight modifying services
  123. We need a Fiesta General Discussion sub-forum
  124. Do you wave to other Fiesta drivers?
  125. Why do you REALLY like the Fiesta's 6-speed automatic?
  126. past svtf owners
  127. What have you done with this space?!
  128. who thinks we should have a norcal region also?
  129. Are you Canadian or American?
  130. Veterans Day, Did You Serve?
  131. Have Seen Modded Fiestas while driving?
  132. How long are you planning on keeping your Fiesta?
  133. YEAR2013: What'cha Got Planned? :D
  134. The official " I'm not ordering a Fiesta ST" thread
  135. So who's hit six figures? Over 100,000 miles?
  136. Who has the lowest mileage '11?
  137. What is everyone's age here.
  138. What is your automotive background?
  139. Yes or No?
  140. Any 2014 Fiesta owners yet?
  141. official aftermarket..."good deals/bad deals"
  142. How do you start a poll??
  143. How long did warranty work take?
  144. rally stripes or offset rally
  145. "There can be only one"
  146. How often do you change the oil?
  147. I want to start modding my car, but I'm afraid it will void the warrantee?
  148. NOTE TO ADMINS: Please update color selections for the Photos section for 2014 :)
  149. does the 100 post rule stifle the classifieds?
  150. Gearchanging - what do you do on the street? (Applies to manual only.....)
  151. What do you keep in your trunk?
  152. How many miles on your powershift without repairs?
  153. Fun with rental cars: what's the craziest thing you've done to a rental?
  154. Does the 2014 front end look like a catfish?
  155. Tint is on
  156. "What do you like or dislike about your tires" thread
  157. Modify or keep stock?
  158. FIFA world cup
  159. How many miles do you average per month?
  160. What's your weekend ride?
  161. Lets help mavtoy pick a rim !!
  162. Mud Flaps? Yay or Nay
  163. to carbon fiber or not
  164. Would you buy an engine cover?
  165. ST Octane Academy.
  166. Ford Ecosport. Is this a vehicle we want to see in N. America?
  167. Trade up time, stick with Fiesta or no?
  168. 2011 Armrest
  169. Eyebrows....body color or black???
  170. Photoshopped a bunch of rims tonight
  171. How long will the OEM Kumho Solus tires last?
  172. Fiesta S cruise control retrofit
  173. Which car do I take?
  174. How many times have you been back to the dealer for a warranty issue?