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: The Fiesta Movement

  1. Check out @Fiestavus 's awesome Endless Winter mission video! http://www.fiestavus.c
  2. Leaving the Seattle Hotel
  3. Potty break
  4. Leaving the Hotel Seattle
  5. Gas & snack break
  6. Steven Bboy Freeze
  7. Berna bboy freeze in Oregon
  8. @montanalodge let me know if you need any hi-res shots. should g
  9. Just want to see the Memorial Day video? Click here #fiestamove
  10. Blog post: Team 66 Ford Fiesta Mission! Memorial Day in Miami
  11. Check out @supricky06 creative interactive mission video. We're n
  12. Juanita is filthy and needs a bath! Taking her to the car wash, then more apartment
  13. Here's the super post on our Endless Winter mission including the video
  14. Newest Fiesta Movement mission involves one of these: I'm
  15. Ford Fiesta Sedan Caught Testing In U.S. #fiestamovement These c
  16. - Rainy! #fiestamovement
  17. Heading out to the Radio Medford studio to chat about our first #fiestamovement missi
  18. looking for @fordfiesta pics? Try these #fiesta
  19. The Fiesta is a perfect car for the rain. might have to take some friends out in the
  20. RT @samdelag More press about our Pike's Peak effort with @fordfiesta:
  21. The defroster in this thing is a golden god. #fiestamovement
  22. Almost there! 9 more views and we'll break 1000: #fiestamovement
  23. Turned on the fiesta's heat for the first time today. Man it gets toasty! Especially
  24. 2.5 days and 2,500 miles after departing, I have finally arrived in Orlando, Florida.
  25. when are we going to see a Ken Block-esque gymkhanna vid of the @fordfiesta rallycros
  26. Still on @tedleo kick: rolled into Little America, WY listening to "Little Dawn." At
  27. Rocked my way into Evanston, WY to @tedleo's "Criminal Piece." Met a guy with a serio
  28. @daveygjohnson and i for an automatically replenishing breakfast bar in the trunk. #f
  29. I would trade my auto-dimming mirror and rain-sensing wipers and adjustable-beam head
  30. 3am naptime near Coalville, UT. The Intermountain West is currently drizzly. #fiestam
  31. The odometer has passed 5,000. #fiestamovement
  32. We chose our 2nd @FordFiesta mission tonight: Freaky Friday -
  33. Mission 2
  34. Training Night
  35. Back home
  36. Taking a break from driving.
  37. Super Smash Bros 64 in McDonalds?
  38. Alone in the lot
  39. The first fueling.
  40. The first fueling.
  41. Testing out the auto locks
  42. Fiesta Sunglasses
  43. Training Day 2
  44. View from the conference room.
  45. At The BluPrint Restaurant
  46. At the Hotel Restaurant
  47. Mike's Meal
  48. Motörhead at Bonneville. A perfect offering to the Salt Gods of Speed. #fiestamovemen
  49. Check out who I met! They are part of our History!!
  50. fiesta mission approved!!! video on youtube VERY soon..... #fiestamovement
  51. Seattle Termite tourist
  52. Steven flip tree
  53. Ford truck service
  54. Ford service guy
  55. Imaxt wist flip
  56. Imax treeflip
  57. waiting for my gps to arrive so we can begin planning our geocaching mission! i feel
  58. tweet! tweet! any agents wanna get something to eat! im agent77 and im in san diego!
  59. Thks to @FordCountryWA @FiestaFaction for the RT of our Endless Winter video http://t
  60. Hanging with FOX TV local crew for a video shoot of the Fiesta! #fiestamovement htt
  61. @joelandmandy Thks for the props on the vid, it was all @nathanhartswick saving of ou
  62. Sleepytime in Cheyenne. I shall conquer Nebraska draped in night's inky cloak! And a
  63. It’s Bridget with Mount Shasta!
  64. To You.
  65. Ghosts, Goats, and the Open Road: Fiesta Movement Mission No. 1
  66. Fiesta agents, follow @fiestafaction and be sure to sign up for
  67. I have a new Blog Post :) "To You" #fiestamovement
  68. Hey all! Automotive Traveler interviewed me! And I'm going to blog for them. Check
  69. @ScottMonty @AutoTraveler: thanks for sending out the link!
  70. Check out this "man on the street" reaction to the #fiestamovement
  71. Playing around with on the iphone! live video streaming #fiestamovement: http
  72. Holy cow i just got recognized on the road by an old viewer! #fiestamovement
  73. Fiesta heads to Salt Lake for American Le Mans (2:44)
  74. New video! See me in my sickly state talking about stupid SkyMall items: http://bit.l
  75. SkyMall Rejects (3:41)
  76. Hanging with FOX TV local crew for a video shoot of the Fiesta! #fiestamovement http:
  77. Bet you didn't know there were unicorns in Michigan. #fiestamoveme
  78. steveouch: Weather report: my sunglasses are greasy. #fiestamovement
  79. RT @PIParents: Dads, you'll get a kick out of the Survivorman spoof I did for the For
  80. Our next vehicle WILL be manual transmission. Thank you Fiesta, for making driving fu
  81. QoTD: I'm receiving a Kindle for my next #fiestamovement mission. Which three books d
  82. Ok! Back on the road! Drive drive drive. #fiestamovement
  83. Riding in the back seat of Alex...loving the fact that Thalia lives in NY & wants to
  84. Check out my USAToday weekly diary!! #fiestamovement
  85. Now I wish I would have snagged the Rock Band mission. #fiestamovement
  86. Ford Fiesta First Date
  87. New Post: My #fiestamovement video is live. The USB port is aweso
  88. Help me! Help me!
  89. Chilling with the Fiesta in Seattle
  90. Termites crew Seattle tour
  91. Bugs splattered on the Fiesta
  92. Beto & the Space Needle
  93. Termites Crew touring Seattle
  94. Fiesta to Vermont
  95. Fiesta to Vermont
  96. Fiesta to Vermont
  97. Fiesta to Vermont
  98. Fiesta to Vermont
  99. Fiesta to Vermont
  100. Fiesta to Vermont
  101. Fiesta to Vermont
  102. Fiesta to Vermont
  103. Fiesta to Vermont
  104. Fiesta to Vermont
  105. Fiesta to Vermont
  106. Fiesta to Vermont
  107. #E3 is so cool that my body has suppressed the need to urinate so I can spend more ti
  108. Fiesta to Vermont
  109. Ford Fiesta First date video #fiestamovement @mizzcinnab
  110. Hello LA sunshine! And crazy traffic! #fiestamovement
  111. Fiesta and Corsair
  112. Wings of Mercy charity event
  113. Fiesta and the F4U
  114. Bryan and the Corsair
  115. Brandon and the Corsair
  116. Wings of Mercy
  117. Bryan and Brandon with the P51
  118. Bryan with the Mustang
  119. P51 Mustang
  120. Brandon is da bomb
  121. B-25 Mitchell crew entry
  122. Fiesta on display
  123. Fiesta and the row of Mustangs
  124. Racetech
  125. Fiesta on the flight line
  126. Mustang CP racer and Fiesta
  127. Shelby GT, 84 Mustang, and Fiesta rear
  128. Brandon talking about the Fiesta
  129. Fiesta and my Mustang
  130. On display at the WoM event
  131. Collection of fine Fords
  132. Fiesta and Mustang on the flight line
  133. Mustang racecar and Fiesta
  134. Row of great cars
  135. Fiesta behind the B-25 at engine start
  136. Fiesta and Corsair
  137. Bryan, Brandon, the Fiesta, and a Corsair
  138. Bryan and the Fiesta with the F4U
  139. Pics of the @fordfiesta at the Wings of Mercy charity event coming tonight! #fiestamo
  140. Fiesta and Corsair
  141. Stars and bars
  142. Can you spot the Shelby GT's?
  143. Fiesta with the Corsair
  144. Tonight I find out if 4 Hoosier slicks will fit into the Fiesta! Getting them mounted
  145. Fiesta at the Wings of Mercy event
  146. Dad's Shelby GT with P-51 Mustang
  147. My dad's Shelby, our friends Shelby's, and a P-51
  148. P-51 Mustang in flight
  149. Mustang taking off
  150. B-25 taxing into position
  151. B-25 Mitchell
  152. P-51 Mustang parked behind the show cars
  153. Just got our Kindle in the mail! #fiestamovement
  154. Just found out I am going to be taking my Fiesta to a Meguiar's 10 person focus group
  155. Bugs sure do like my Ford Fiesta #fiestamovement @fordfiest
  156. Got in troubled at work for inappropriate fiesta parking. Apparently it's a bit consp
  157. Termites Crew Seattle road trip #fiestamovement
  158. Took the Fiesta out all day long today and hit about 5 cities just running errands! #
  159. Actually riding thru NY with five ppl in the car. #fiestamovement
  160. mission video!!! #fiestamovement
  161. Wow. I SWEAR I did not mention the Fiesta for this article (but read the photo captio
  162. A few *behind the scenes* photos of the red Ford Fiesta. Spoiler Alert: you'll love i
  163. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0926
  164. Ford_Fiesta_Wedding_0896
  165. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom _0866
  166. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0914
  167. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0921
  168. Ford Fiesta Wedding CRASHERS!
  169. Ford_Fiesta_Wedding_0849
  170. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0905
  171. Ford Fiesta & Bride & GroomIMG_0884
  172. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0852
  173. @fordfiesta Mission #1 video Road Trip #fiestamovement
  174. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0875
  175. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0860
  176. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0866
  177. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0859
  178. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0898
  179. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0894
  180. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0888
  181. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0880
  182. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0883
  183. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0924
  184. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0918
  185. Ford Fiesta & Bride & Groom IMG_0922
  186. Turbo kit installed today. Low boost for now. 17psi 290hp est. Check it in traffic.
  187. Red (Dawn) Dusk
  188. Thru The Urban Corn Patch
  189. fiestamovement Test Video
  190. I just took a trip to Kansas City in the @FordFiesta it was a comfortable ride! #fies
  191. fiestamovement Test Video
  192. Trying to plan summer road trip. Any superb things in CO or NM? #fiestamovement
  193. Look even a knocked up woman can fit in the hatchback of the Fiesta! #fiestamovement
  194. Ford Fiesta Hold - fiestamovement
  195. Ford Fiesta logo - fiestamovement
  196. Mmm. If Journey were post-grunge at Eastern Wyoming Taco Bell. #fiestamovement
  197. Burnout Radio Episode 47 - Racetech Performance
  198. Gas card failed to authorize in Sidney, NE. Anyone else had this problem? #fiestamove
  199. @YogaArmy WHAT'S UP!!!! ;-) I'm taking Cupcake Fiesta to some Cupcake Bakeries next w
  200. @andrewmueller Yes! Cupcake Fiesta is driving to NYC! You can have a test drive! WOOT
  201. Ford Fiesta Mission 1 Video (for those who have said they missed it!): http://tinyurl
  202. now that I'm unemployed anyone want to test drive my Ford Fiesta!? #fiestamovement
  203. I called the card company. Apparently I exceeded my daily maximum. Nobody expected mi
  204. @joelandmandy @rmdembroski @fiestavus @penguin @gracepiper @ericgardenfork mentioned
  205. Staying with my friend Doug in Emeryville, CA - he showed me around Pixar and we had
  206. 2nd sunrise in a row scored by @tedleo. This time the song of note is "Je m'appelle Z
  207. Hello, Iowa. Your rest area smoking policy is draconian. Have we gotten off on the wr
  208. Wings of Mercy Charity Event
  209. Glad the Fiesta has heated seats! Still using them in June. #fiestamovement
  210. Good mornin'! I'm Portland-bound... #fiestamovement
  211. Yes! We broke 1000 views! Sweet. #fiestamovement
  212. @BrooklynHilary nice work, not sure about my picture though ; ) ...
  213. new Fiesta blog posted here #fiestamovement
  214. check out mission #1 for the @fordfiesta Look for the 2010 SHO a
  215. @Fiestavus: I gave them pics of all the e agents! Haha! :D #fiestamovement
  216. 1920_McHone_0227.jpg
  217. 1920_McHone_0184.jpg
  218. 1920_McHone_0165.jpg
  219. 1920_McHone_0161.jpg
  220. 1920_McHone_0155.jpg
  221. 1920_McHone_0141.jpg
  222. 1920_McHone_0084.jpg
  223. Got part 1 of my #fiestamovement Mission 2 equipment yesterday in the mail. Excited a
  224. Grinnell, Iowa sure is cute. Enough cute, gimme Illinois! #fiestamovement
  225. Termites Cru on Seattle tour
  226. Bruce Lee's Cemetery
  227. Prayer to Bruce and Brandon Lee
  228. Lake View Seattle
  229. Termite Cru at Bruce Lee's Grave site
  230. Steven iwants to be just like Bruce
  231. "What Cheer" is clearly the greatest place name in Iowa. Beats "Montezuma" hands-down
  232. Termites Crew Seattle Needle View
  233. donut whole head stance
  234. donut space needle
  235. Help me I'm stuck!
  236. Bruce Steven
  237. Fiesta rules!
  238. just showed off the Fiesta at a Ford meeting in PA #fiestamovement
  239. Ford Fiesta vs the Cooper & Scion
  240. Whoa, 3 days of blogging in Canada turned into a $3,737.88 bill. Time 2switch2 ATT? #
  241. i found some nail polish that matches the fiesta, LOVES IT. #fiestamovement
  242. Thinking about putting together some deleted scenes from the first mission video. Wha
  243. 2011 Ford Fiesta Seattle Tour
  244. Seattle beautiful parks
  245. Scion, Ford Fiesta & the Mini Cooper.
  246. Seattle Space Needle
  247. Beto Lopez taking video shots of Seattle's city from a tower
  248. What would you drive? Would you rather be green? #fiestamov
  249. Ford Flex
  250. Ford Fiesta reflections