New Fiesta might not come to the US?
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    Default New Fiesta might not come to the US?

    Saw this in my feed today:

    Summary: Speculation that the new 2017 Fiesta might be omitted from Ford's lineup in the US in favor of a small SUV (EcoSport crossover).

    I hope that's not the case... Anyone hear anything different, or more conclusive?

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    I was in getting my Fiesta serviced on Thursday and one of the salesman was talking to me about the huge new engine plant being built here in Rayong, Thailand to service the US market. Doesn't necessarily mean Fiesta is coming, though original plans were for US 2018 Fiestas to be built in Thailand, with the Mexico production line shifting to Focus.

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    The car has done pretty well and the reviews for the ST are always glowing. But who knows, as many consider it to be too small.

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