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    Default Thinking of throwing in the towel...

    Ive not had the car JUST OVER 3 years (Dec 31, '13, it is now 1/9/17).
    This winter it started having an issue where on really cold mornings, around 30*F, the power steering would shut down. I could turn the car off, restart, and all would be fine in the world.

    Around Christmas I went in for a TCM update.
    After getting the car back it sounded like they swapped out my tranny for a box of rocks. The noise was way worse than ever before, and MUCH more often.
    Also, the shuddering is BAD. ANY sort of incline and it starts.

    And then yesterday the power steering thing starts again.
    Today I get no power steering, but its cold as heck, high around 30. So I drive about 15 minutes/12 miles, car is fully warmed up. I pull over, car off, pause, recrank - Still no PS.
    Oh, and then I start getting a traction control light on my gauge cluster. And then on my SYNC it is telling me that hillstart is not available.
    I drove around a lot today, the whole time shuddering, rocks for a tranny, and no PS.

    Im taking my car tomorrow to have them look at it.
    They say that I just lost my bumper-to-bumper warranty, but I'd already reported the PS issue back on the 15th or so.
    And then they say that if they need to do a clutch pack swap I'll have to figure out my own transportation...

    Youre telling me hat Ford KNOWS there is a problem with the transmission, which is why I kept getting letters about them upping the warranty on it, and yet when something goes wrong Im stuck footing the bill for a rental car while they fix mine?
    What sort of customer service is this?

    The car was great for 3 years, and it is still drivable as of today, but Im really considering walking away.

    And, to think that recently I'd been getting contacted by them about trading my car in, I was considering a Focus, but the whole thing has me wondering if I want to mess with Ford any longer.

    Any help???

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    Fusion Hybrid ... moderately large auto, good seating, electric CVT and you never feel it shift at all (seriously). It's a good bit more than a Fiesta but you can still move around on 87 octane and get pretty decent mileage to boot. There's a forum of owners at Browse some of the threads to see any issues folks have had, or learn more about the operation of the car. Before you (perhaps) buy.

    I'm in the Lake Ontario snowbelt and with Goodyear UltraGrip WRT Ice snow tires on, the dadgum car is like riding on rails. Fusion has gas-only models (natch), and a plug-in hybrid. However the plug-in has no ability to pass-thru by dropping the rear seats - battery is a tall one! Consider it ... go build&price on

    Provided you're not totally soured. Good luck!
    prior '11, '12 and 2 '14s
    Fusion: '17 SE Hybrid,

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    Ok, the power steering has failed!

    Quick googling will pull up about 2M fords here in the States which have been recalled for the electric PS...but not the Fiesta and Focus.
    $1500...BUT its not even available right now.
    Hmmm, why might it not be available right now? Could it be because of all of the people who are having to get theirs replaced?
    Why no recall on it??

    Ive been waving the Ford flag for three years now, loved this car, but this sickens me.
    We'll see what happens tomorrow, but, man, even in a small car like this, no PS sucks.

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    Ugh, that's a pricey fix. That's the point I would start calling salvage yards and find an independent shop to do the work. If Ford isn't going to cover it, you may as well find a less expensive alternative. If it saves enough money over their quote, it may be worth holding on to the car for a while yet.

    I just checked and they're showing the basic steering racks, indicating that the power assist is on the steering column for a couple hundred bucks. They're showing steering columns with the electric steering and electric assist motors for under $100.

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    I do not have the time to go deep in this right now, but:
    a) The service department OF THE DEALERSHIP has made a generous offer, 2/3rds of what the repair will be. So for 450 bucks I'll have it completed by Ford...not a bad deal.

    b) The sales department is/was trying to sell me a car. I went there Thursday honestly thinking I'd sign papers on a new Fiesta.
    Was told on the phone that they could get my payments where I needed them to be (200), made me an offer for the trade etc.
    Got there and they're saying its almost THREE HUNDRED dollars and the sales guy was a complete jerk. I spoke with sales manager and he put ME in the hot seat like I'd made up all of these things.

    Waiting to hear from the General Manager of the location.

    Ill post more later, but know that even a Fiesta with no power steering still sucks at low MPH

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    Hybrid, any updates on this?

    I'm doing as much reading on the subject of reliability as I can, having just repossessed my daughter's 2016 Fiesta SE sedan. I'm going to keep it, because after I spent most of yesterday detailing it, I've fallen in love with it.

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