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    New guy here. Well, actually I've been trolling for a while because I got a 2015 with a 1.6 and stick tranny in December and I love it.
    I just returned from a 3172 mile trip from Tucson AZ to Tacoma Washington and back with speed limits from 75(Arizona)-65(Oregon). I decided to eco drive up and drive regular back and thought you might be interested in the results. Going to tacoma I set the cruse about 3-4 miles under the limit and coasted in neutral when it was not holding up traffic and coming back it was 2-3 miles over on the cruse and just go for it. This was over two mountain passes and not very nice weather from central Oregon through Washington and the same on the return trip. California and Arizona were nice of course. Also included in this trip was several miles of construction and the usual things that you find on a long drive. There was also severe side winds for part of it.
    The results are for the eco driving trip up was 39.6mpg and 28 hours of actual (it did take two days) driving time and going back home normal driving I got 38.2mpg and 25.5 hours of driving time. The return trip also had 150+ miles around town driving.
    I was hoping for a bit more but I am very happy with the results.
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