2016 Fiesta SE- Base model-> bluetooth phone issues
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    Default 2016 Fiesta SE- Base model-> bluetooth phone issues

    Hi all,

    My wife's fiesta has very low volume when using her car for phone calls. Her bluetooth volume for music works. She has to put the volume fairly high (about 23ish) in order to hear the phone, but the recipient hears an echo from the speakers. Is there any way to turn up the voice volume?

    In my ST, there are two different volumes: one for music and one for phone. I cannot find that setting in the SE model.

    She has an android phone and I've tried pairing my phone as well with the same issue. We also verified the bluetooth phone volume on the phones were turned on.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's tough talking to her on the phone when she is using her car because the echo can get quite bad.
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    Have you tried turning the volume up on the phone while on a call? That's how I got mine to a reasonable level.

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    Yeah that works on more than just cars

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    Bluetooth uses two different bluetooth profiles for audio and for phone, and the phone itself probably has two different volume settings for each. You probably need to turn the volume up on the phone during a call. I've got a '16 too and I have no problem during calls. Plenty loud.
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