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    Default 2011 SE Lifetime Mileage

    I recently parted with a manual transmissioned 2011 Fiesta SE. In it's 6 years, I kept record of every gill of gas I put in. The new owner of the car doesn't care so I thought maybe the assembled masses here might find some of this interesting.

    The car was used about 80% in the city. I try to be fuel-conservative but I'm not fanatical. I drive how I want to and as much as I want to but I'm cognizant of what my driving is doing to the mileage. I don't drive aggressively but I'm normally 10 over the posted. I don't care much for air conditioning so the only time that is on is when my wife is with me. I use the defroster minimally. I never warm up the car in the winter.

    Total miles: 130,101
    Gallons: 3565.32
    Lifetime MPG: 36.49
    Highest MPG: 47.08
    Lowest MPG: 24.32

    Fuel Cost: $10,924.60
    Average gallon price: $3.05
    Highest price paid: $4.25 (3-25-12)
    Lowest price paid: $1.37 (2-10-16)

    I replaced the 2011 with a 2017 SE. The new one has the automatic so I'm guessing the mileage will drop a bit. I'll let you all know in 6 years.
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    I think you will get slightly better MPG on the auto. Hope Ford has finally figured out the auto by now. I'm scared of another Fiesta. So is my wife, she would not let me look at another Ford.
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