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  1. Fiesta Tires/Wheels/Brakes
    I have a 2011 Ford fiesta SES. After changing my brake pads and rotors on the front (there are drums on the back) , the brakes seemed soft. My brake fluid was a little low so ended up bleeding the system as maybe some air got in? Now the brakes go right to the floor very easily. Has anyone had...
  2. Fiesta Service Bay
    I have recently bought a 2011 Fiesta Se Hatch with the 5 speed, I keep getting re-accruing P0068 codes, I have replaced my MAF and it still came back about a day later. Does the fiesta also have a MAP sensor? Any recommendations on how to fix this?
  3. Fiesta Service Bay
    I am moving to Fairbanks Alaska from down south and wanted to install my own heater block. I cant find where it goes in though. Also I cant find any diagrams to show where it screws in to the engine. If anyone that has one can take a picture of the location and send it that would be appreciated!
  4. Fiesta Service Bay
    I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta with 156xxx miles on it and ive had intermittent issues with it starting. Some days it has absolutely no problems starting but others i am completely locked out. My symptoms when it wont start are- Orange Wrench light on dash- vehicle will not shift out of park and of...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello all! I've thoroughly enjoyed my '15 SE sedan for the past year, and am writing to see what would be best for me to look for with the following situation. A good friend of mine was in a horrible accident which totaled her '07 Civic. Took her to CarMax to test drive examples of some...
  6. Fiesta Service Bay
    Hey everyone! My Fiesta has wobbled a little since I got it. Mechanic said it was my tires. I had the alignment checked and they said it was fine. When I drive the car, for the past couple weeks at least, it will be fine at low speed, wiggle slightly at medium speed, and full on feel like I...
  7. Faction Fotos
    Just drove my first ever Ford home, a 2011 Fiesta SE Not enough power compared to my previous Subaru Legacy 2.5GT, but it's brand spankin' new, and is way better with fuel :D Don't think I'm planning anything with it yet, although I'd love to fit some real wheels on it sooner or later. Maybe...
  8. Exterior Modifications
    Last week I installed the More Power Tuning grille and headlight graphics, along with their Fiesta decal. I did the install in phases so I could see how I liked the graphics. The installation took only a few short minutes, and everything fits very well. The flat black grille graphic is a must...
1-8 of 10 Results