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  1. Exterior Modifications
    Hello all, first off i would like to start this new thread by introducing myself. My name is Marc and i live in the beautiful sunshine state called Florida. I am based in Miami which is pretty much all you hear about Florida asides from Disney World in Orlando. I am photographer and Porsche...
  2. The Fiesta Buzz
    A quick look on how awesome the fiesta is and its different personalities
  3. Fiesta Power and Performance
    I caught up with SVT Engineer, Tim Smith to talk about the engine and gearbox that is used in the 2014 Fiesta ST.
  4. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    Decided to take the Fiesta ST to one of the highest point in the eastern United States.
  5. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    For Adventure month, I traveled to New Hampshire with the Fiesta ST to attend the Team O’Neil Rally School and Car Control Center. I took the 1-day “Fiesta Experience” and learned the basics of left foot braking and car control using the original Fiesta Movement cars. The 2009 European Fiestas...
  6. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    That's right, Brandon and I take turns chasing fast laps in a video game and then on a racetrack with the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. Are we faster in the game or on the track? Who is faster between Brandon and I? Watch the video and find out!
  7. Ford Fiesta ST
    There is a lot more footage coming over the next few weeks, but here is a POV helmet camera from Brandon running the ST at GingerMan Raceway. Sorry for the wind noise, but it drowns out the exhaust note at 100mph on the straights. So far, our record lap is 2:01:5 with the extension. For those...
  8. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    Oh yeah, we put Brandon up against the Fiesta ST for the fitness themed mission. He is running, and I am driving the ST. Who do you think will win? Subscribe, share, like, and enjoy! Don't forget to visit Bryan & Brandon Redeker | Fiesta Movement by for a lot of content that is being...
  9. Ford Fiesta ST
    Enjoy! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more ST content that is coming soon, and check out Bryan & Brandon Redeker | Fiesta Movement by for more content.
  10. Ford Fiesta ST
    Fiesta ST_Xgames_Foz_Brazil_April 2013_Fiesta Movement 040_edited by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr Out of everything I did in Brazil for the X Games and the Fiesta Movement, my favorite moment was the one not captured on film or with anyone with me. It wasn’t hanging out with...
  11. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    Hey all, we were Agent 35 in the original Fiestamovement. Been checking out a bunch of the new auditions, good to see so many of the old agents showing up. Looking forward to following everyone on their adventures again. We were kind of limited by our jobs last time and weren't really able...
  12. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    New to the forums, but I would love for you guys to check out my Fiesta Movement Video and let me know what you think! Would be ecstatic to take a tripped out Fiesta to some of the Detroit Cars & Coffee this summer! Check it out here:
  13. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    Here is my application video for the Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix Watch, like, share, and subscribe to follow my brother and I as we take you on the Fiesta Movement!
  14. The Fiesta Buzz
    I was on the local news lastnight talking about the Ford Fiesta and the Fiesta Movement. Scott Monty was also featured in the news story talking about Social Media. I can't get the video to embed, so here is a link to the video. | Grand Rapids, MI | Video Also located here...
  15. The Fiesta Buzz
    I copied and pasted the blog entry from Racetech Performance concerning my analysis of the US Fiesta after the NAIAS. Analysis of the US spec Ford Fiesta Going to the North American International Auto Show gave me the opportunity to really study the 2011 US Spec Ford Fiesta. I was kept very...
  16. The Fiesta Buzz
    I am looking for somebody to my eyes and ears at the SEMA show next month! Due to my lack of vacation time, I need to find 4 people who want to be guests of the Fiesta Movement and check out the show. Interested? Well, here is what you need to do. Compose a paragraph saying why I should pick you...
1-16 of 17 Results