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  1. Faction Fotos
    Excited today to get my custom rims put on for the first time! Next step is some pin stripping....
  2. Exterior Modifications
    Hello, I have a Fiesta ST and was debating on getting a hitch or a roof rack. I originally wanted it for my mountain bikes, but realized I would like to purchase a kayak or two as well. Anyway.. If I get the roof rack, how will it affect my moon roof? Will I have issues with the...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello all! I am about 15 minutes into my Forum membership, and 4 days into my '15 Fiesta ST ownership! I am absolutely loving the car, and all I can't think about is driving it. So now I have to ask. What are the "must haves" or "must do"s for a new Fiesta ST owner? I am open to doing a bit of...
  4. The Fiesta Buzz
    A quick look on how awesome the fiesta is and its different personalities
  5. Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    For Adventure month, I traveled to New Hampshire with the Fiesta ST to attend the Team O’Neil Rally School and Car Control Center. I took the 1-day “Fiesta Experience” and learned the basics of left foot braking and car control using the original Fiesta Movement cars. The 2009 European Fiestas...
  6. Ford Fiesta ST
    There is a lot more footage coming over the next few weeks, but here is a POV helmet camera from Brandon running the ST at GingerMan Raceway. Sorry for the wind noise, but it drowns out the exhaust note at 100mph on the straights. So far, our record lap is 2:01:5 with the extension. For those...
  7. Ford Fiesta ST
    Fiesta ST_Xgames_Foz_Brazil_April 2013_Fiesta Movement 040_edited by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr Out of everything I did in Brazil for the X Games and the Fiesta Movement, my favorite moment was the one not captured on film or with anyone with me. It wasn’t hanging out with...
1-7 of 7 Results