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  1. What are some stealthy mods?

    Fiesta Power and Performance
    So I recently got a Fiesta and I always modify my cars, so having a stealthy car is nice. What are some nice mods that aren’t over the top? Such as interior mods, exterior mods, and performance. Let me know what you guys have done.
  2. Headlight Adjust Screw broken. How to fix?

    Fiesta Service Bay
    I have a 2012 fiesta se sedan and the passenger side headlight is pointed way too low. I tried to adjust using the adjustment screw on top but nothing happens. The other side I'm able to get to adjust the same way just fine. It feels like the screw is stripped or something perhaps. I had...
  3. Should I get a Mustang or a Sonata or a crossover SUV? What do ladies like most?

    Polls and Surveys
    I think sometime this year I'm going to say bye to my 2012 manual transmission Fiesta. I've enjoyed a fairly reliable 30-32 mpg in Bay Area stop-and-go traffic. I can still get 36-38 mpg plus on the highway, if I am careful to inflate the tires first. So it's been fine but its not a particularly...
  4. 2014 Ecoboost Fiesta Help ASAP

    Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost
    Hello everyone, just bought a used 2014 1.0 Fiesta Ecoboost with ~89k miles on it yesterday. Already came across a very worrisome issue. At times, seems to be intermittent, the engine seems to misfire and smell like rotten egg. I have tried reading through threads but none address something like...
  5. Strange, loud rattling noise in middle of fiesta. (With video!)

    Fiesta Service Bay
    Ok guys I need some help. I have a: 2004 ford fiesta 1.25 LX mrk-6. Recently a loud rattling sound comes from the middle of my car, perhaps more towards the left than right side. This happens at low revs and seems to fade when some gas pedal is applied.
  6. Sunny Miami Fiesta

    Exterior Modifications
    Hello all, first off i would like to start this new thread by introducing myself. My name is Marc and i live in the beautiful sunshine state called Florida. I am based in Miami which is pretty much all you hear about Florida asides from Disney World in Orlando. I am photographer and Porsche...
  7. 2012 Fiesta owner for not even a month and already regretting my purchase

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, We just settled in LA from France and had to purchase a car real quick. We choose a 2012 Fiesta SE Hatchback with less than 65,000 miles, thinking we would have peace of mind. We could not have been more wrong. I now feel really trapped with a car I never should have purchased in the...
  8. Oil life issues are now fixed! TSB!

    Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost
    Hey factioners, just wanted to post an update to the saga that has been going on for 3/4th's of a year: ford has a TSB and reflash available for those having issues with their intelligent oil life monitoring system through the vehicle health report! Details: TSB 150132A REPROGRAM THE IPC AND...
  9. 1.0 EcoBoost Cracked Head? Blown Head Gasket? OH MY!

    The Eco Fiesta Driver
    I just wanted to let you all know how FANTASTIC ford is with their customer service. Aside from the water pump leaking last month, the miscellaneous electrical issues with the radio and modules not going to sleep, now the engine is blown. Started her up Saturday morning, drove to mc Donalds...
  10. AC problems, weird chugging idling, electrical issues 2012 fiesta ses.

    Fiesta Service Bay
    So, I've had my fiesta for nearly 2 years, I'm at 49k mikes. I had to have one of the clutches replaced under warranty a few months after I bought it. The dealership I brought it to in Chicago had it for over 2 months. When I got it back notes were made that the tech had punctured a hole in the...
  11. Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Mountune Complete Charge/Induction Pipe Kit

    For Sale
    Hi all, I have my complete mountune kit for sale on ebay. Link: Thanks
  12. [Black] Hardy's Panther Black Aussie Ecoboost Sport

    Faction Fotos
    Hi guys, Been following the forum for a while, first time posting. Got my hands on a 2013 Fiesta 1.0T Ecoboost Sport about 3 months ago and am slowly making it my own. Little things to begin with, then more major mods will begin! Fresh wash and polish (not sure about the chrome grill)...
  13. There's a Fiesta For everyone

    The Fiesta Buzz
    A quick look on how awesome the fiesta is and its different personalities
  14. DMBGraphic Gel Badges Installed Look Great!

    Exterior Modifications
    I recently purchased the white/black ford badge overlays from dmbgraphics and i am amazed at how much of a difference these small details of a car make. If anyone has any photo's of there badge conversions feel free to post a picture or two showing them off!
  15. Mount iPad into fiesta dash?

    Interior Modifications
    Hey, i have been thinking about this for a while, i want to take out my centre console of my fiesta and where the radio is with all the buttons and knobs, i want to remove them and build a custom plate for my iPad and mount it into the dash so it is seamless with the dash and looks like it was...
  16. New and questions about build

    New Member Introductions
    Hey im new, putting a dp on a fiesta se this weekend and once its paid off mods are on the way, suspension, cai, exhaust, and eventually turbo.. Iv been researching and trying to find forged internals for the US spec 4dr 1.6 engine but no luck yet.. i know i could send the rods and etc to get...
  17. [Black] Fiesta SE with 17"

    Faction Fotos
    Hi guys!! Im from Brazil and that's my Fiesta SE with 17" inch wheels. Next UP -> Eibach or H&R springs. Hope you all enjoy. :)
  18. [Oxford White] End of summer pics of my 2011 Fiesta Hatchback (warning, lots of pics!)

    Faction Fotos
    It has been a long time since I have posted pictures or even taken pictures of my Fiesta. This spring I added the FRPP suspension and in the fall upgraded the brakes using the PumaSpeed 300mm front kit. As winter is just around the corner, I thought I better take a few pictures before the snow...
  19. [Blue Flame] My Limited Edition Fiesta S1600 (UK)

    Faction Fotos
    Hey All Newbie here from the United Kingdom I stumbled upon this forum with my love of Fiesta's. I've been checking out all your photos and liking them a lot. I go on holiday/vacation to America a lot and have driven the US model a couple of times and really like the subtle tweaks that the...
  20. Changing Fiesta Paint?

    New Member Introductions
    Currently have a 2012 Tuxedo Black SEL Fiesta. I want to get the car painted the "Lime Squeeze" green. Will ford do the paint job? Or where do I take the car to get that exact color?, and any idea on price for a professionally done paint job. Would it be easier to just trade the car in for...