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  1. Live! Watch Agent 67 take the Fiesta ST around Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile!

    Ford Fiesta ST
    Hey guys! My mission video is live for June... "Don't stop, get it getit," was my mission, which consisted of performing an endurance run on the track in the Fiesta ST. I went about 1.5 hours consecutively HARD before I decided to pull off as I simply had no idea how much tire was left and I...
  2. Taking the Fiesta ST to Willow Springs: Horse Thief Sunday 6-23-13

    Ford Fiesta ST
    Yup. Had the car less than a week and we are about to find out how the new 2014 Fiesta ST handles an ENDURANCE track event. Well, the car and myself.... My mission finds its roots - fittingly - in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, taking place right now in France. My mission challenges me to hit the...
  3. West coast TRUE Fiesta ST agent reporting for duty

    Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix
    Hello everyone... this is Agent 67 checking in for the Fiesta Movement, representing the west coast (San Diego to be exact). I am a lifer Ford fan, car guy and for the last 7 years - a hot hatch lover. I have owned show winning vehicles, moderated numerous automotive enthusiast forums, was an...
  4. My dream Fiesta!

    The Fiesta Buzz
    No, its not the RallyeCross race version, it is a white hatchback with the aero package. What do you guys think? Kind of reminds me of a newer version of my old ZX3 The picture of the Fiesta was taken at in the employee lot at Ford. This is the first car I have seen in the US with the...
  5. The 1000 Mile Review

    The Fiesta Buzz
    Originally posted on I am part of the "if America ever built a decent car for me, I would buy it" crowd. Straight line speed without cornering ability is worthless to me. I like to drive, to shift, and most importantly to turn. I have put the Fiesta through the paces now and it...