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  1. Fiesta 1.0 eco boost insurance

    Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost
    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me out on here, basically I’m looking to get a 1.0 eco boost for my first car and have the money to buy it but I need to know if I would be able to afford the insurance for it or whether I would even get insurance for one? I’m 17 and have passed my...
  2. Should I get a Mustang or a Sonata or a crossover SUV? What do ladies like most?

    Polls and Surveys
    I think sometime this year I'm going to say bye to my 2012 manual transmission Fiesta. I've enjoyed a fairly reliable 30-32 mpg in Bay Area stop-and-go traffic. I can still get 36-38 mpg plus on the highway, if I am careful to inflate the tires first. So it's been fine but its not a particularly...
  3. 2013 Ford Fiesta SE Hatch- Transmission, steering column, engine malf.. list goes on.

    Fiesta Service Bay
    I've had this car since new, and it is the definition of a lemon. Mind you only has 50,000km. (Live in ontario, canada) - 2 Clutches replaced, 3rd is on back order so total (3) - Steering column replaced - Squeaking noise when turning right and left (dealer can't figure it out because whenever...
  4. 1.0 EcoBoost Cracked Head? Blown Head Gasket? OH MY!

    The Eco Fiesta Driver
    I just wanted to let you all know how FANTASTIC ford is with their customer service. Aside from the water pump leaking last month, the miscellaneous electrical issues with the radio and modules not going to sleep, now the engine is blown. Started her up Saturday morning, drove to mc Donalds...
  5. DMBGraphic Gel Badges Installed Look Great!

    Exterior Modifications
    I recently purchased the white/black ford badge overlays from dmbgraphics and i am amazed at how much of a difference these small details of a car make. If anyone has any photo's of there badge conversions feel free to post a picture or two showing them off!
  6. Mount iPad into fiesta dash?

    Interior Modifications
    Hey, i have been thinking about this for a while, i want to take out my centre console of my fiesta and where the radio is with all the buttons and knobs, i want to remove them and build a custom plate for my iPad and mount it into the dash so it is seamless with the dash and looks like it was...
  7. [Oxford White] End of summer pics of my 2011 Fiesta Hatchback (warning, lots of pics!)

    Faction Fotos
    It has been a long time since I have posted pictures or even taken pictures of my Fiesta. This spring I added the FRPP suspension and in the fall upgraded the brakes using the PumaSpeed 300mm front kit. As winter is just around the corner, I thought I better take a few pictures before the snow...
  8. [Yellow Blaze] Rummager's Yellow... (need a name!)

    Faction Fotos
    Decided I would stop being a bum and actually upload a picture that was taken at the dealer when I brought her home. I have a few more but her boots makes her look like an ugly ducking from that side and she is very self conscious of herself!