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  1. Fiesta Service Bay
    I have a 2012 manual SES hatchback. The button to release the hatch stopped working. The trunk still opens if I use the FOB (motor is still fine). I got a new button from the dealer and that did not fix the issue. Looked in the owners manual and no fuses are listed for the hatch release...
  2. Fiesta Service Bay
    I've had this car since new, and it is the definition of a lemon. Mind you only has 50,000km. (Live in ontario, canada) - 2 Clutches replaced, 3rd is on back order so total (3) - Steering column replaced - Squeaking noise when turning right and left (dealer can't figure it out because whenever...
  3. The Fiesta Buzz
    Here are some real-life photos that I found on flickr, posted 2 days ago... There are some interesting angles. Not sure if they are for an upcoming review at the MotherProof site, but the vehicle has manufacturer plates. At least it alleviates the pain of waiting... if ever so slightly. 2011...
1-3 of 5 Results