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  1. Fiesta Service Bay
    So about 3 months ago I made the mistake of trading in my fiesta and instantly regret it I’ve been calling and calling and they finally listed it I wanna do everything in my power to buy it back but I need help and I hate asking for money but literally anything helps. Thank you for reading...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I have a 2019 ford fiesta sedan 1.6 L n/a and noticed looking under the car at the exhaust, it looks like the ford st hatchback infact it looks exhaust the same. i was wondering what is the difference and if aftermarket parts for the exhaust for the st will fit on my sedan. here is a link to...
  3. Fiesta Service Bay
    I am moving to Fairbanks Alaska from down south and wanted to install my own heater block. I cant find where it goes in though. Also I cant find any diagrams to show where it screws in to the engine. If anyone that has one can take a picture of the location and send it that would be appreciated!