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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I bought my Fiesta a couple years ago and after you all helped me fix a steering column clunk, I've LOVED it! However, my wife and I are taking on some lifestyle changes that necessitates downgrading our vehicles. I've been trying to sell my Fiesta for about a month now, but nobody...
  2. Fiesta Service Bay
    Bought vehicle new -- is there a trans leak for the fiesta 2012, i saw a huge puddle of liquid underneath my car one day after turning off the vehicle, i saw it because it was raining and it look very colorful. Brought my car back to ford they said it was nothing. I believed them. However when i...
  3. Faction Fotos
    Decided I would stop being a bum and actually upload a picture that was taken at the dealer when I brought her home. I have a few more but her boots makes her look like an ugly ducking from that side and she is very self conscious of herself!
  4. The Fiesta Buzz
    Here are some real-life photos that I found on flickr, posted 2 days ago... There are some interesting angles. Not sure if they are for an upcoming review at the MotherProof site, but the vehicle has manufacturer plates. At least it alleviates the pain of waiting... if ever so slightly. 2011...
1-4 of 6 Results