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  1. Sony radio faceplate / control panel / control unit replacement or interchangeability

    ICE (In Car Entertainment)
    Is the Sony radio faceplate (control panel, whatever it is called) interchangeable between the model years? I have a 2018 Fiesta SE with the sync 1 radio that I am upgrading to the Sync 2 system out of a 2014 Fiesta (came with navigation). I am looking at a Sony control panel off of a newer...
  2. microphone problem on 2012 fiesta platinum (sony head unit)

    New Member Introductions
    I have the car above, all bluetooth functions appear to work ok, but the microphone does not appear to work. If I make a call, I can hear the recipient, but they can never hear me. (not just quiet, but not at all). I also tried the voice commands, but I get the same issue, I get prompted to...