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Hi guys
I've just joined up so please forgive me if I do something wrong or out of place.
Yesterday I stupidly ran out of petrol and I'm not convinced my fuel gauge is reading correctly?
My immediate concern though is that since I ran out of petrol my fuel gauge is not reading ANYTHING!
The yellow fuel low warning light is on but nothing on the gauge itself. Can I reset it? I've messed about with the odo/trip resetting as I found on the net but I'm not sure of what I was doing or even if it actually did anything??
Still no indication on the gauge though.
I'm completely stumped now. Should I disconnect the battery thus resetting the ECU?? I don't really want to go down the road of removing the tank sensors etc until I have exhausted all other avenues. Is the gauge itself on a separate circuit from the fuel pump?
HELP! You can probably see how desperate I am so any help would be greatly appreciated. (That's if I can actually work out where to access your reply!)
Thanks guys!
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