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My understanding is that the timing and oil pump belts shedding bits off and clogging the oil intake is a bit of an Achilles heel for these engines.
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Figure 1: An oil pump clogged with bits of timing belt.

Just want to report that this $16 endoscope does fit between the bottom of the pan and the intake screen.

Line Office supplies Metal Cylinder Titanium

It's a straight shot in through the drain hole.
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First you get a view of this little screen (whatever it is).
Not what you're after, keep going.

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Here it is.
60,000 miles, still looking good.

The plan is to make this part of the oil change routine.
It takes a little longer because you will have to get the oil hot and then let it drain for a good 30-40 minutes with the nose raised up a couple feet.
Worth it for some peace of mind though.


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