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Hi all, I have a zetec blue 1.4 tdci, over the last week or so I have had a problem with loosing all drive, even when going about 50-60mph. It doesn't stall the engine just loses all power, then will come back a second or two later.

The lights will dim during this time too, also the indicators and central locking will stop working. It will also show the battery light on the dash but that will go shortly after.

I have taken it to the local garage who have scanned it and not found any fault codes. There isn't any fault lights on the dashboard either. They have fitted a new fuel filter and the problem persists.

It's done 80,000ish but I don't usually take it out on long drives to be honest.

Not really sure where to go from here. Read about it possibly bring a blocked EGR valve or a faulty MAF sensor? I'm a nurse so I'm not too up on cars really. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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