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11 fiesta with no SYNC in vehicle. Very interested in adding 6.5" ford screen with SYNC. Has anyone done this?

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Hi there, just recently bought an awesome 2011 Fiesta SE with 24,000 miles! My wife loves it so far but it's base model so no sync is built in. No steering wheel controls either (but that's for another day i think, unless it can be added at the same time???? maybe I'm being too ambitious...)

I am interested in swapping its original tiny screen and button control and switch it to the more modern/better fitted 6.5" screen with SYNC and if possible add the USB connection. I see the tab cut-out next to the AUX connection (which I do have), so it seems as a fill in piece.

Has anyone done this? any tips? or a link to a guide? I saw some youtube videos but never specified if the car was non-sync and then modifying to SYNC unit. I'm just curious because the install process doesn't scare me at all. But want to see if it has been done before. I feel like that would make the car 10x better. PLEASE HELP!! if anyone has some input, i would appreciate it!
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Hey, sorry for the late reply. Basically, the way Sync communicates to the other modules of the car (abs, ipc, apim, etc.) is through a CAN bus or controller area network. In the 2011-2013 Fiestas, communication to Sync used HS-CAN and MS-CAN. Sync 2 and 3 in 2014-2019 cars used HS-CAN but also used another network called I-CAN or MM-CAN that out cars simply lack. I've been working on an Arduino Emulator (really continuing on the work of others 🙏) which I have working in my car for the most part except for screen brightness, e911 (currently disabled, will likely never work) and the proper turn off command (right now it gets turned off like a hard reset everytime where the
Sync unit typically always has power). Even steering wheel controls are working for me.
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