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Hi All,

I recently got myself a 2010 Fiesta Titanium, in which the radio unit looks like the one in the attached image (save for my screen not being colour like that one).

No matter what I try however, the USB port does not want to allow me to listen to the music on my iPhone via the car's speakers (and use it as a satnav, with the voice coming over the speakers as well).

When I connect the phone and press the "Aux" button, the phone is found, and even the name of any given song shown on the car's screen, and I can even use the car's controls to skip to the next track for instance, but zero sound at all.

While I'm tearing my hair out with this, I'm assuming/hoping there's something simple I'm overlooking here, before taking it to ford to have a look at.

I can't find any way of resetting the system in the menus, so not sure if there's a way to do that (or update firmware?).

Any help much appreciated!


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