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Hey guys I'm trying to get some info about my wife's Fiesta. She's been having an intermittent crank with no start for about a week now. Originally she had a CEL with P0456 which went away. I used to work at a Ford dealership and saw many purge valves fail on vehicles so I started there, with no luck.

After installing the purge valve today I attempted to start and got the typical cranking but wouldn't fire. I had her cycle the key while I listened for the fuel pump but I couldn't hear the fuel pump kick on. I popped the hood and had a clicking noise coming from the purge valve. I disconnected it and she fired it up (not claiming this is due to disconnecting the CPV, was probably due to how many attempts we had made.) Afterwards I went back to listen to the fuel pump and every time she cycled the key I heard it turn on.

With this being such an intermittent issue and me working 2 jobs I know it's not going to be the easiest diagnosis, so just thinking of things off the top of my head I thought possibly a fuel pump relay is starting to go bad, but when I looked through the owners manual all I'm finding it a fuel pump fuse, not a relay.

So basically my question here is, has anyone had a similar issue, and what energizes the fuel pump? Does the PCM energize it or is it a fuel pump module? I worked at a Ford dealer for 6 years and never had an issue with a Fiesta not starting other than due to TCM issues, not saying it's not possible of course. I'm just reluctant to throw a fuel pump at it without having some sort of clarification.

Thanks in advance

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