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Some background: I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta SES Hatchback. It has 195k miles on it and is my baby. I have been very lucky up until this point to not have had any major issues with the car AT ALL. That being said: Last Thursday, as I was about to leave work, I put the car in reverse to pull out of my parking spot and the car acted like I was neutral. I was confused, so I put it back in park and then back in reverse and it did the same thing. So I put it in park, turned the car off and on again, and still had the issue. I put it in drive and was able to move forward. So I put it in neutral and pushed it out of the spot. I was able to drive it to the small transmission shop in my town, although it was shifting VERY hard and overall driving strange.
Got a call from the shop today saying he believes I need a whole new transmission, which will be $5700 JUST FOR PARTS. Obviously, he knew that wasn't going to happen. I had plans to try and drive it to the Ford dealership because I have a strong feeling it's just the TCM shitting out finally -- however, I just read another post from a couple days about the TCM modules being on MAJOR back order.
So I am posting here - any troubleshooting advice we can do home? Sadly, the transmission shop cleared the codes and doesn't remember what the engine code was. Has anyone bought a refurbished TCM online and had it reflashed by Ford? I really don't want to give up on this car just yet, especially with the used car market the way it is.
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