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Okay I've searched and searched and am not coming up with much on what I'm seeing with our car... here's the symptoms:
1. Car starts fine and all indicator lights go out.
2. Car drives fine.
3. While driving - I hear a faint click from the passenger foot area and the Anti-Theft light comes on for a second or two then goes out. It isn't "blinking" per say, as in there is no repeat pattern, but it will do this randomly a LOT - like every 30 seconds or so while you are driving. There are no other indicator lights on.

Other issue is the Hill Start Assist:
1. Start car and idle in Park for a while - no indicator lights on. Car is NOT on any grade but is on level ground.
2. The message panel in the center of the car will show the Hill Start Assist Not Available message for a second or so then it goes out - this again isn't blinking in a pattern but it will do this over and over randomly.

Recent history: both key fobs had low battery for a while before I replaced them. Message center would show Key Not Detected message often even though the key was in the car and I could use it to lock/unlock the car while it was running and showing the not detected message. I replaced the battery in both fobs and the key not detected message does not come up currently.

thanks VERY much in advance for your support in this.
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