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2012 Fiesta SVT & 2013 Focus SVT noted in latest Automobile Magazine

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That article in the June issue suggests the ratings will likely be around 180hp for the Fiesta and 250hp for the Focus. They are speculating that the Fiesta might be available with an auto trans as well as the manual. I'll be keeping my eye out for more news on these cars.
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There is always speculation of these cars, but I think it is all just speculation.
If Automobile Magazine has the same reputation as British AutoExpress Magazine, then don't hold your breath.
(AE is nothing but speculations in the same vein as those mentioned above)
There does seem to be some good info supporting a Fiesta ST for the UK market, but no word on anything here. Last info I got was if it comes here, it would most likely not be called an SVT product since all the engineering will be done in the UK. I would give the Fiesta ST a 60% chance of coming here in the form of a 1.6L EcoBoost. I would also guess that a Fiesta ST for the EU market would probably be 95%.
I'll believe it when I see it. Talk is cheap to hype people up that there is going to be a perfromance model and then come out with something that isn't really cracked up. I would love to see a 1.8L Ecoboost pushing 200HP for a Fiesta ST Model.
I imagine there will certainly be a Focus III ST in the US as the American and European Focus III are identical and thus the ST upgrades can be applied to both markets. Since the EU and US Fiestas are more differentiated, however, an ST model would probably by necessity be a regional model. If the US gets a Fiesta ST or SVT, the suspension and cosmetic mods will be different than Europe's (since there's a different base to work from) although the engine will probably be the same.
The article says both models will be built by Ford's global performance team. They sounded pretty certain that both cars would be produced and even gave the model years. They hedged on the horsepower numbers and the availability of an optional auto trans.

My wife just passed on the 2011 Fiesta in favor of a Subaru so now I'm looking down the road at what my next car might be. Performance versions of the Fiesta and Focus would make my short list.
I remember when all magazines and online journals told of us Ford saying that in 2008 the Focus MK II would be on our shores and in the show rooms. Look what we got for that, something that somewhat looks like a Focus and appauling to look at and cost more money to design/build. Honestly I'm hoping for a MK III ST in either Sedan to go with my current or Hatch with a manual only option to go in my Ford collection.
I wish I could convince my wife to buy a Subaru also.
My coworker/carpooler drives a Subaru. They're great cars, especially if you enjoy doing outdoorsy things. :)

Fiesta is winner for me though (of course!)
i doubt we will get performance variety of anything until the demand for the fiesta is enormous in the states. the mix combination of economy, gas prices, cheap wallets doesn't make it promising for svt anything
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