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This morning while driving aprox. 50 mph the "engine malfunction" popped up and my car went into "limp mode". I was slowing down and couldn't accelerate so i pulled into a parking lot, turned the car off, and then turned it back on. I was able to continue my drive to work with no issues. I have a service appointment tomorrow at AutoNation Ford off Phillips highway in Jacksonville, FL. but am concerned that if the error isnt showing they will do a diagnostic and find nothing. Im dropping it off after work and it will sit there tonight so when they start it in the morning it probably wont pop up again unless they drive if for a few minutes.

Im hoping it will come on when i drive there this evening and maybe i can convince them to look at it right then without turning it off.

I have tried to have this error checked over the years but each time nothing comes up, even at the ford dealership.
For a few days now i have been getting the "engine malfunction" warning along with the wrench icon on the dash. Nothing has happened and it comes and goes if i turn the car off.
Over the years this has happened but usually happens a few times a year with nothing changing in how the car drives.
I have had the transmission worked on several times, along with a new throttle bottle a few months ago.
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