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2014 Hatchback Exhaust Question

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Hey everyone, Im looking to get a better (also louder) muffler for my 2014 Fiesta hatchback with a 1.6L. I was thinking about possibly getting this... Any thoughts?
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A "better muffler" is a quieter muffler. Better muffler is synonymous with better silencer. This looks like a huge resonated exhaust tip, like a coffee can exhaust tip, more than a muffler.
Louder is one thing, better sounding is another. Note that any 2.5" or 3" exhaust sounds better to the trained ear of a car enthusiast when you've got a high-flow manifold, headers, high flow catalytic converter... than it does with just a coffee can exhaust tip. There will be little to no performance gains, so if it's loud for cheap, yeah the product you posted sounds good. If you want to try to get performance gains, I'd go Cold Air Intake, Catback Exhaust without resonator or muffler, High Flow Sports Cat, in that order.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts