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2015 Ford Fiesta SE 5 speed, engine ticking noise.

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Hello, looking to see if anyone can help me out and let me know if I should be worried or not.

My 2015 Fiesta SE 1.6 TI-VCT with 86000Km has been making this ticking sound for a while now, it makes me nervous that something inside the engine isn't right. I've had it in to two separate dealers and they both said it sounds normal, though I'm not sure how much I trust them.

The car has no CEL and no codes, doesn't burn any oil, has new OEM spark plugs, coil pack and wires. I use 5w20 fully synthetic oil. Did a cold compression test and all cylinders came in at 150psi. I have a mechanics stethoscope and can not seem to locate the source of the noise.

Sound from inside car (may need to turn the volume up, it's more noticeable in person than on the video)

Sound from under car (the phone actually makes this seem more pronounced than it really is, but not much)

Thanks in advance!!
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In my opinion it sounds just like most Fiestas. People compare it to a sewing machine. Mine's a 2014, bought new and sounds like that since day 1... ticking from the tappets plus a 1/4 frequency louder "toc". It's a noisy engine. My previous car for comparison, a Peugeot, idled like it was turned off. Each model has it's characteristics. I wouldn't worry too much. Just my two cents.
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We have a 2015 that we have owned since new. It has a slight ticking that seems to have been there since day one. I took it in once while it was still under warranty and they said they couldn’t hear anything (they only ‘hear’ something when they ‘see’ a red CEL). With that being said It certainly is not as loud as yours. We have 64k miles on it.
I have a 2014 Fiesta SE and it ticks just like yours. It’s normal just a noisy engine.
Much appreciated everybody. Seems to be a consensus that this is normal. Puts my mind at ease.
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Sold my 2011 and it had 285,000km. It always since owned had a sewing machine kind of sound. Definitely not an old school V8 sound.
No problem. I used to have concerns too as I bought my Fiesta used
Fellow 2012 owner here, 135K miles. No issues, it's just the way it sounds

2012 Fiesta SE Sedan, Ingot Silver, 5 spd, 203A with a leather wrapped wheel swap
I have a 2012 1.6 fiesta with the same noise for years. The previous owner said that he tried everything but I don’t believe he had tried the canister purge valve. It’s a very famous car in Brazil and I’ve heard that many owners even after replacing the whole engine have the same noise until check this valve. Also, Ford did a recall for this part replacement in many Ford focus. I want to give it a try but I don’t want to waste money. It’s a cheap part and I’m gonna try to replace it for myself. Please, if you try and i works, let me know.
Much appreciated everybody. Seems to be a consensus that this is normal. Puts my mind at ease.
It’s not normal! It can’t be considered normal just because it’s hard to find the reason! I know it’s not normal because I already had another same car before. Let me know if you try the canister valve replacement. I’m gonna do the same! Good luck!
This is what direct injection sounds like.
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