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Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get some help.
My 2016 Ford Fiesta Manual 5 speed wouldn’t go into 5th gear as I was driving. I then pulled up and turned the engine off for about 5 mins, it wouldn’t go into first and fifth. I call
My breakdown out and he can’t get it in to 1st and 2nd, I then went to get it towed to a garage and before we started to tow it, it wouldn’t go into neutral. When we got to the dealership it went in to neutral!
Then on a test driveit wouldn’t go into third gear and then eventually went into third but wouldn’t go into fourth.
Now unfortunately, the garage said it needs to go to a Ford or gearbox specialist, so I’m waiting a whole week to get it in there. Just wondering if anyone has had any issues previously similar to this, there’s no smell, no noise from the gearbox and no warning signs!
Bizarre! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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