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Hey there!

I bought a multimeter to test the fuse and relays to make sure it was getting power. The parts I am trying to learn are if both sides of the 40 fuse for the cooling fan are supposed to give 12-ish volts or just one? And when I am testing the relay as well, there are 4 places I can test for power with the multimeter... should I be getting 12v out of all or just some of those points?

I cannot afford mechanic shop prices right now, and before I try and swap out a radiator fan myself, I thought I'd try and diagnose the steps myself. I am new to working on cars, but I have built computers for 20 years, so I consider myself very mechanically minded, so I feel I have a good foundation for jumping off and trying to do what I consider a lower tier repair for my car.

If I can provide any additional information, please ask. For those of you patient enough to work with me, I humbly thank you for any assistance.
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