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Hi guys, I've finally decided to dive into making my little ride more fun to drive; it's a 2018 SE Sedan in Ingot Silver with a 5spd and the tan/stone interior. I want a short throw shifter, but nobody seems to make anything for the 1.6 SE from '15 onwards. Does anybody know who makes a compatible part, or if I can get an ST sts and just pop it in? I don't want to cut anything to make it fit, I'm used to my old Hondas having bolt on compatibility for even the most obscure models like LEGOs. I'd love to keep it similarly bolt-on in my Ford.

Other things that will be coming soon are upgrades to my stock wheels (from 15" to 16"), custom shift knob and boot, adding OEM style fogs with the OEM switch and enabling it via forscan, and aftermarket seat warmers.

I don't really know where else to post this as I'm still new, so if this needs to be moved please do so. Thanks in advance!
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