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If you have or will attend or graduate from college between May 2008 and January 2011 you qualify for $500 off or cash-back on a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury (with the exclusion of some models, but not specifically the Fiesta from what I could tell).

The Ford College Purchase Program = Student Bonus Cash |

I qualify. I hope I can apply this towards my Fiesta this summer
You must purchase or lease an eligible new vehicle, and take retail delivery from Dealer stock, between January 11, 2010 and January 3, 2011. Special-ordered vehicles must arrive and be delivered by January 3, 2011. Vehicles delivered after January 3, 2011 are not eligible for the $500 Student Bonus Cash.

You are eligible to take advantage of this offer if you:
Are an undergraduate student currently enrolled at an accredited four-year College/University, Junior College, Community College, Nursing or Trade School in a minimum of 2 classes or an equivalent of 6 credit hours, OR
Graduated or will graduate from an accredited four-year College/University, Junior College, Community College, Nursing School or Trade School between May 1, 2008 and January 3, 2011*, OR
Are currently enrolled in an accredited graduate school program.
*Note: One-course completion certificate, on-the-job training courses (i.e. sales training, teaching certificates, professional designations and adult education courses) do not qualify.

You will be required to provide your Dealer with one of the following items to validate eligibility:

Proof of enrollment status (i.e. copy of current class schedule, copy of term grade report, letter from the college/university/trade school registrar's office stating student is currently enrolled and in good academic standing, etc.), OR
For those students between terms (i.e. summer semester/vacation) or recent high school seniors entering their first term in college in the fall of 2009, proof of prior or future term enrollment (see examples above) Letters of Intent will be accepted for incoming college freshmen OR
Copy of diploma, OR
Letter from the college/university/trade school registrar's office stating graduation date and type of degree earned, OR
Copy of final transcript confirming graduation date and type of degree earned.

Any eligible new 2010 or 2011 Ford, Lincoln or Mercury car, minivan, truck or SUV purchased or leased and delivered during the program period
Dealer-owned demonstrator and Driver Education loaner units
One vehicle per customer only
Student must provide dealership with proof of eligibility in order to receive the $500 Student Bonus Cash. This certificate alone does not qualify the student for the incentive.

Ford GT
Shelby GT 500 Mustang
Harley-Davidson™ package
F-650/750 & LCF
Vehicles purchased/leased under A, X, Z and D Plans
Rental service units
All vehicles originally ordered by or shipped to Ford of Canada Dealers or those produced for export
Fleet units
Units acquired at an auction
Vehicles sold/leased for Driver Education purposes
Program vehicles
Final paid vehicles

You must purchase or lease an eligible new vehicle from a U.S. Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealer participating in the program. Purchases through a buying service are not eligible.

There is a limit of ONE College Student Purchase Program incentive offer per customer, and only ONE College Student Purchase Program incentive offer may be applied to an eligible new vehicle purchase or lease. The vehicle must be purchased or leased in the name of the eligible college student in order to be eligible for the $500 Student Bonus Cash. The College Student Purchase Program offer may be used in conjunction with most other Ford Motor Company national incentives, but not with any private offers such as certificates, coupons or A, X, Z and D Plans. If the customer has previously utilized the Ford and Lincoln Mercury College Student Purchase Program, they are not eligible for this offer. This offer is not transferable, only the college student is eligible for the incentive.

You may apply the $500 Student Bonus Cash incentive at the time of purchase/lease on an eligible new vehicle or you may elect to receive the $500 Student Bonus Cash after the purchase/lease process, from Ford Motor Company, in which case, a check will be issued to you directly from Ford Motor Company.

All matters of program eligibility and qualification will be conclusively resolved by Ford Motor Company.

See your local Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealer, or email us at
[email protected]

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Matt said it won't stack with the SYNC cashback, I have the certificate printed out, gonna go out to my dealer with it and see if they'll give me $500 off.

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Any updates on whether the College Cash and private offers are compatible? Or is College Cash considered a private offer as well?
(Not Speaking on behalf of FMC)

I don't know for certain. From what I see, it should be applicable, but the best thing to do, is contact the finance manager, or sales manager, and they should be able to tell you.
Usually those type of incentives are not available on new model vehicles, or on SVT vehicles. The best thing to do, is to contact the dealer.

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Unfortunately it doesn't stack with Z-Plan sales. If they put that on the website for it, I would be a little less mad right now. I go into the dealer with the "FORD DRIVES U" coupon, and a coupon Ford mailed me inside a brochure, neither one of which says "Not Compatible with A/X/Z/D Plan sales", but yet Ford says it is not compatible. Transparency should be something this company shoots for, especially if they want to attract customers from other brands who DON'T have to wade through 8-pt Courier New legalese from a dealer printout to confirm that the advertised promotions are NOT what they claim to be. At this point, the whole Fiesta is up in the air. I've been dreaming for months, but they've royally pi**ed me off on this one.
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