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Hello forumers!
I am experiencing a malfunction of the fiesta (Mk7 2010 1.4 LPG) manual air conditioner. the system has been refilled with refrigerant (by the way, can anyone tell me how many grams of refrigerant should be inserted in the circuit? I think they have filled in 1000 grams.) The compressor engages as usual, the problem is that cuts out before the evaporator is cold enough. the evaporator temperature sensor (the blue plastic sensor screwed to the airbox) has already been replaced but the defect persists. the output air temperature is not cold enough. By putting this sensor out of the cold air flow, thus making it detect higher temperatures, the evaporator temperature drops significantly until it freezes, so I believe that the air conditioner is working, and that the problem lies in an abnormal reading of the sensor values. Is there a way to check on which temperature values the control unit asks the compressor to turn off-on? And is the A/C control unit integrated into the control panel or is it elsewhere? Is it possible to detect a/c values via OBD2? Thanks everyone!
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