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Hi everyone, first-time poster here.

So the AC on my Fiesta (2012 US spec) blows pretty well for about an hour. After an hour the fan does not slow down but airflow seems to become restricted. Cold air continues to seep in, but just barely. Even with the fan blasting at 4, the air coming out of the vents is equivalent of less than a fan setting of 1.

Some other forums suggested it may be from a frozen evaporated, it just seems unlikely as where I'm at has been in the upper 90s (~36c) lately. I run the recirculation constantly, but the problem is indifferent towards it. I've recently replaced the cabin filter so that also has nothing to do with the issue. The blend door actuator isn't popping super bad like some I've heard, although when changing settings it does seem to make a very slight sticking noise once or twice. Seems normal though? Replacing the actuators doesn't seem bad, I just don't want to just throw money at the problem and be unsure.

Does anyone have any advice or insight as to what the issue could be?
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