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Agent #41, Brooklyn Hilary, Now Blogging on Automotive Traveler

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Hi everyone. My name is Rich Truesdell. I'm an automotive journalist (and have driven the new Fiesta already -- love it!) as well as the editor of Today I posted an interview with Agent #41, Brooklyn Hilary and tomorrow she'll be starting her blog covering her drive from SoCal to Portland this week.

In addition to this and other Fiesta-related conten we've already published, we also have the hilarious Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear video on where he's chased a new Fiesta through a UK shopping mall by villains in a black Corvette.

I hope that you'll visit automotivetraveler, take a look at all our cool content and follow Brooklyn Hilary's exploits behind the wheel of her Fiesta. If you're a Fiesta Movement member and would like to blog on, drop me a line and let me know.

Best wishes,

Rich Truesdell
Editorial Director, Automotive Traveler
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I read Hilary's blog on your site yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope some of the other Fiesta agents will take you up on your offer.
Being in Europe it is very interesting reading the agents impressions on the Fiesta.

It would very interesting also if there is anyway you could tap into the Fiesta Ride and Drive Events test drivers for those random impressions also.
I just wanted everyone who is following this thread that we have posted the first of many of BrooklynHilary's blogs from the road on It's a short blog as we want to ramp up the submission process smoothly and promise that everything will jell in a day or two. If you've ever tried to E-mail in high-res photos from the road you know exactly what I mean.

I made reservations for BrooklynHilary at one of my favorite hotels in Oregon; I'm sure she'll be posting some great photos on Thursday.

Looking forward to the feedback and other Fiesta Movement members making their own contributions as well.

Richard Truesdell
Editorial Director,
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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