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AM Radio (and why it's not working right)

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Any of you having trouble tuning your AM radio?
Shouting "7-9-0" and your radio just not listening to you?

Well, that's because North American AM radios are on a 10kHz grid whereas the European ones uses a 9kHz grid! :eek:

So if you try 540, 630, 720, 810, 900, 990, 1080, 1170, 1260, 1350, 1440 or 1530, it should work.

Otherwise you're stick with frequencies like 999, 1008, 1017, 1026, 1035, 1062, 1071, etc. Try it!
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That's why I hate stuff like voice activated gimmicks, like sync...

It's still easier to simply press a preset button.
Even with a preset button, you can't set it on a frequency that's not on the European frequency grid!
I would BET (although I can't be certain) that the unit HAS a hidden mode switch for US and European AM frequencies spacing. Probably achieved by pressing a couple of buttons together and the same time. Anyone Ford engineers lurking around here to comment on this question?
Like the temperatures in Fahrenheit vs Celcius?
Like the temperatures in Fahrenheit vs Celcius?

Yes, something like that. I would highly doubt that the internals of the this unit are different from market to market, after all they built the Fiesta as a potential world car when they were designing it so for cost reasons and ease of production the chasis is most likely the same on US spec and ROW spec cars all that needs to be altered is the software. The software probably included mapping for US channels to begin with but it is "set" to Euro spacing.

It is possible that you need a Ford Scan tool to make the change, but for something like this I would think that Ford would make it adjustable by the customer as well. If you have access to someone with the scan tool ask them to check out the "convenience module settings" or "radio settings".
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