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Anyone 100% sure they were getting a manual but then drove the powershift and changed

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my local dealer says it will be around mid july - mid august before they get any cars in. I'm curious to know if anyone here has mostly the mindset that they were going to get a manual shifter but after test driving a powershift they completely changed their minds?
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Very few people in the general public have driven a PowerShift Fiesta as of yet (even though I named myself after it :D). The general feeling of this board is that nothing without a clutch pedal and manual gear selection can replace a normal manual. I'll add though that PowerShift is a huge leap forward for automatics and is one of the main reasons to consider a Fiesta if you're limited to automatics.

None have shipped to dealers yet. The arrival dates your dealer gave you seem a bit pessimistic. But we really won't know who's right about that until the cars actually show up.
I'm 100% getting a manual :D the powershift with no manual mode doesn't interest me at all.
Manual for me all the way! The PowerShift is a great peice of engineering, and I love the technology behind it, but I don't see it being fun to drive. I prefer to switch my own gears, heel-n-toe downshift, and I enjoy the interaction between driver and machine that can only come from a manual. Besides, after driving a rental car with an automatic for the past 8 weeks, I am dying to use a clutch again.
Manual is the only way for me. We get way too much snow in the winter and a manual transmission is so much more responsive and easier to drive. Plus in 2 short years my daughter will be learning to drive and I really would like her to learn to drive on a manual vs automatic.
Funny story:

I reserved a PowerShift and when I ordered my car, the dealer didn't ask me which transmission to get. A few weeks later, I saw that it said 5spd manual on my order form. They said I could re-order with a PowerShift, but all my friends/co-workers convinced me to go manual.
I want to drive either at this point. :b
Been driving manual vehicles for the last 8 years, I want to try out the power shift before I make my decision. Local dealer said first week of July they will receive some power shifts.
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