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I have a 2011 5spd hatchback. I had it repaired (by ford) a couple of years ago due to the factory windshield leaking rain water onto a connector in the passenger side kick panel. It has worked fine since the repair. Recently the just died on me (in a parking lot) and won't start back up (won't turn over). There was a check engine light on for about a week and a half prior to this incidence (I was busy at work and hadn't gotten a code reader yet). All the dash lights come on like it's going to start, but nothing. I am getting the power steering system requires maintenance! message on the radio screen. When I hook a code reader to it (mid grade code reader) it can't communicate with the car. The radio, door locks and power windows all work as advertised even with the key fob. I've taken some DLC resistance measurements and voltage measurements provided by a Ford technician and they all check out within spec. I pulled both kick panels and checked the connectors there for signs of corrosion/water, there wasn't any. I'm thinking about getting a refurb PCM and trying that. If the code reader can talk to the car with a refurb PCM, then it'll be worth the tow to the ford dealership to get the keys reprogrammed (I think). Without the keys getting reprogrammed, the car still wouldn't start, but I'm assuming the code reader should be able to communicate with the car? Anyone dealt with this?
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If anyone needs it, I can (probably) post the resistance/voltage checks at the DLC recommended by the Ford Tech I know
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