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Big News January 6?

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Saw this on Twitter today:

@samdelag Just got off a great conference call discussing some big news for tomorrow.
@BRGT350 Fiesta related?
@samdelag Yep, Fiesta related.
@BRGT350 Awesome! I can't wait to hear the news.
Wonder what it could be? Especially since we pretty much know everything about the US Fiesta. Could it be they've hit some new milestone on orders? Some new Fiesta "concept" for the Detroit show? Or maybe, just maybe, they are moving the intro date forward thanks to Ford's strong 4th quarter performance? We'll know soon enough.
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I spoke with Sam about it as well... it's Fiesta related for sure, but that's the only cat he would let out of the bag :D
USA today may have let the cat out of the bag concerning some Fiesta news. Kenny from the Block will be racing the Fiesta in WRC for 2011, and will be running selected events in the Focus for 2010. Not sure if that is the same news, but for me, that is big news!
Ken Block Confirms WRC 2010 Program With FORD | World Rally Sport

Or, there is even bigger Fiesta news coming today. Just have to wait and find out.
Yep, its official! Block will run selected events in the WRC with the Focus for 2010 and compete with the Fiesta in Rally America. I love how Ford stays committed to the WRC! Now, if we could see Ford return to leMans and F1.
I'm very out of touch with the racing scene so it didn't occur to me that the big announcement would be anything like this.

I hear this guy used to drive Subarus, so this could really burnish Ford's reputation in the rally segment. If they really want match Subaru on this front though they need a showroom stock Fiesta that more closely resembles the one they race.
Block will be using the Fiesta S2000 for Rally America events and the WRC Focus RS for WRC events this season. Check out Welcome to Fiesta S2000 for more info concerning the awesome race version. The Fiesta Sporting Trophy uses cars that are very close to stock, while the S2000 is very radical looking. Very much like the X-Games Fiesta's.
This is fantastic news for those of us that are fans of the Fiesta and appreciate a link to motorsport. The S2000 is an incredible 2.0L beast of a rally car. The R2 (Link) is a "mildly" modified Fiesta that retains the 1.6L Ti-VCT, the FWD layout, and the stock Fiesta bodywork.

I look forward to Brock's efforts in WRC and Rally America. I think Subaru vs. Ford just got all the more interesting here in the US. Now for better TV coverage of these events. There's really nothing as exciting to me as stock bodied cars flying down twisty roads in all manner of surfaces, terrain, and weather conditions.
correction concerning the Fiesta Rally America car, it will be one of the Olsberg's prepped Fiesta's and not the S2000. I was mistaken in my orginal post.
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