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I'm tossing around the idea of taking a temp weekend job for the heck of it since I have nothing to do on the weekends and tend to just prow the town for scrap mettle on the curb that I can turn in.
If I did get a side job Id love to spend the extra cash on Carbon fiber parts on my 2019 fiesta S. Since ECU tuning is not a option ruling out any real motor work like a good cam. My best bet to make the car quicker aside from intake and exhaust would to put it on a diet. I'm not a fan of turbo cars so a ST dose not appeal to me, otherwise I get a ST and sell the S.

However all the Carbon fiber parts I see for the fiesta are for older models or the or don't state if they fit a sedan.Seibon seems to make a lot of carbon fiber parts, are they anygood? Most are listed as 2014-17, would that madder? I thought the bodys of the 14+ were the same? anything I should look out for? I was going to get a carbon fiber hood and trunk lid and fenders if I could find them.

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