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CarDomain on the new Fiesta

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Here's their first drive:

And here's their "Showroom Showdown" where you choose between the Fiesta and the Fit:

Log onto CarDomain and leave your opinion on which you would choose!
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I think all these people that keep saying Fit in the comments just have something else coming.... They've yet to see the car in person.
CarDomain seems pretty sure the Fiesta is going to start at $12k. I don't really see that happening - all indications are that they're going to peg pricing to the Fit. In any case, they're 2 very different subcompacts. The Fiesta just isn't going to be able to compete with the Fit for interior space/versaitility. You could load a barbeque grill in the Fit with very little problem, but I think the Fiesta is going to be a little more cramped.

Either way, nobody's going to be able to rightly compare them for a good many months. Dang, when's the US-spec coming out?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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