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Electrical Diagram Headlights

Good afternoon to all of you
Thanks for sharing so much useful information.
I speak from Brazil and I need some help.
Here in Brazil we didn't have any Fiesta MK7.5 with electrical adjustment in the headlights, but the headlights with DRL and Projectors have the motors, so I imported the headlight key with the adjustment button and I need the electrical diagram to make the connection, the wires, I believe, come out of the BCM, which makes the search more complex. The Motocraft diagram I got access to is from the America version, where no Fiesta has this option, so I haven't been able to solve this yet.

this is my lighthouse
Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Grille

This is the headlight switch I imported, with the option of electric headlight adjustment
Camera accessory Cameras & optics Font Point-and-shoot camera Gadget

I opened my headlights and replaced the original projectors with Bi-Led projectors and identified where the motor wires arrive at the headlight socket, they are 3 pins, 1 negative and 2 dedicated. I need to identify where to connect the dedicated wires.

Connecting the motor wires is like this.

Pin 1 Motor > Pin 1 of the headlight socket
Pin 2 Motor > Pin 3 of the headlight socket
Pin 3 Motor > Pin 8 of the headlight socket

I enjoy and thank you once again.

Ford hugs.

Ps. I don't speak English, so I used google translator ;)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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