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Dutch car magazine/website AutoWeek (.nl, not .com) has posted an article about the NA Fiesta. Let's see what the forum members there think of it (sometimes it looks like the trolls on LLN are the same around the globe):

I don't think it will be a seller... Americans don't like this kind of (small) cars... but maybe a raising oil price will help a hand... I'm curious!!

Just as ugly as the Fiesta overhere!

and when do we get the sedan? because they will not sell in america, so they have to send them to europe.

Making a sedan of the current Fiesta is not a smart move, it destroys their image of a good quality compact car. Small sedans are cars from the lower classe (think of Hyundai Excel). Kinda like a Mini sedan, now matter how good it would sell, no one would buy a Mini hatch. We'll see.

like this USA 5 door more than the european one... but where's the 3 door????

Leave the sedan in america!

Let them scoop that Ecoboos in the Fiesta, then I'm all tingly..

Might be the new ford focus front.
Looks good, we should have gotten such a front end, and all sedans that are left over should go to asia

They better not ship the MT version, as if the US is waiting for that one? They will all order the Poewrshift transmission, if they want a little Fiesta.

Maybe such a sedan Fiesta wouldn't look out of place in europe

Oh, are they getting that ugly sedan?! I think they had better kept that in Asia...
Nevertheless a smart move, pitty of the amber side reflectors, but it's mandatory unfortunately.

Smart move on Ford. And small cars do sell in the US. The time of gas guzzlers has been behind us a long time. Cars like the Ford Fusion are immensely popular.

oh well, they can always try.

The hatchback Fiesta is a very cute car, fortunately the Fiesta sedan won't come to Europe. What a fugly thing that is. Besides I think 1 door would be sufficient, more than one American won't fit inside. Okay, lame joke, but I doubt if it's going to sell well in the USA.

Watch this, a Yank now think of his dollars, but in a few years time when things are going well they will put fuel efficient cars along with the trash.

I wonder what this will do in America, I for one don't need that sedan overhere.

Who knows this will be a mega succes. Lately Ford has shown in america they know what they're doing. It's the only american manufacturer to survive the crisis on it's own strengh.

Great idea GM should do this with Opel.

@.., Opels were available in North America. They were called Saturns. A brand that didn't sell well and I think one of the first GM brands that was killed off.

( Fiesta waagt de oversteek | Autonieuws - )
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