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Fiesta Design / Aerodynamics (Ford Press Release)

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The all-new Ford Fiesta employs kinetic design to impart driving dynamics; sporty Euro-style five-door and four-door models offer vibrant colors and looks, generous space
Fiesta's bold design delivers a smooth aerodynamic shape that increases fuel efficiency while minimizing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
Fiesta keeps it green, with recycled seating inserts and sound-absorbent content
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 2, 2009 – The 2011 Ford Fiesta arrives in North America, delivering a design that builds on Ford’s global kinetic design theme. True to its heritage, the new Fiesta for North America retains many of the expressive design characteristics that have earned the car accolades around the world.

“We’re staying true to Fiesta’s Euro-centric ‘kinetic’ design the world over,” said Moray Callum, executive director for Design, The Americas. “This is a new direction for Ford in North America, building on the bold designs that set apart Ford’s full lineup of vehicles. Fiesta sets the stage for more to come.”

Kinetic design language was introduced with the Iosis concept vehicle, representing an expansion of Ford’s design portfolio. Fiesta brings this fresh, emotionally-compelling aesthetic to the North American small car market.

“That’s good news for customers,” said Kevin George, Fiesta design manager. “Across international Fiesta markets, customers tell us they want a car that speaks to them,” he said. “The Fiesta was designed to elicit an emotional response from the customer by creating a design that succinctly interprets the dynamic act of driving.”

As a ONE Ford product developed for and sold in various markets worldwide, Fiesta brought global design teams together.

“The global team spent considerable time developing sculptural surfaces, giving Fiesta a unique identity, added Callum. “The design is a reflection of today’s Blue Oval, while confidently pointing to the future.”

Sweeping, multi-element headlamps gracefully reach toward Fiesta’s A-pillar, giving the car a confident – yet instantly recognizable – expression. The diagonal flowing headlamp shape signifies motion and the dynamic act of driving even when parked. Prominent wheel arches reflect muscularity, athleticism and confident handling.

“The five-door hatchback says ‘sporty’ in a distinctly European way,” George said. “The four-door sedan uses kinetic design language to bring a forward-looking aesthetic to a more traditional profile.”

The five-door Fiesta retains the global grille opening, while the four-door employs Ford’s North American signature three-bar look. Continuity is reinforced by the familiar Ford logo centered in each variation along with the shared trapezoid opening of the lower grille, connecting Fiesta to other products in the Ford portfolio.

Aero hero
A standard spoiler sweeps rearward from the top of the five-door Fiesta’s liftgate, while the four-door offers an available spoiler at the trailing edge of the trunk lid. Both spoilers provide aesthetic and aerodynamic benefits.

Further benefits from aerodynamic tuning include a front chin spoiler with a smooth lower air deflector, directing airflow underneath and around Fiesta to reduce drag. Body-mounted, as opposed to sail-mounted sideview mirrors, reduce drag and wind noise. Fiesta represents an emotionally compelling yet aerodynamic form with a coefficient of drag as low as 0.33.

Vibrant hues
Fiesta comes to North America in a wide palette of colors that express its kinetic design language and driving dynamics. Yellow Blaze metallic tri-coat and Red Candy metallic tinted clearcoat are premium paint options beyond a standard array of hues that include Lime Squeeze metallic, Bright Magenta, Blue Flame metallic, Monterey Gray metallic, Tuxedo Black metallic, Ingot Silver metallic and Oxford White.

Interior kinetics
The Fiesta interior also delivers aesthetically on the promise of its exterior looks. Just as the exterior imparts motion, the interior is place where the dynamic act of driving is performed.

Designed to invoke the same familiarity and usefulness as a cell phone’s interface, the car’s centerstack represents the focal point of the car, and houses switches, audio and HVAC controls.

Cloth and leather seating surface alternatives harmonize with contrasting environment colors to make Fiesta’s interior a modern home. Series-level variations offer accents including contrast piping for leather arrays. Rich blacks, cashmeres and plum interior hues subtly remind drivers that small and fuel efficient does not have to mean a compromise of style and good looks.

For additional interior color accents, available ambient lighting allows mood shifts among seven color choices. Fiesta interior fabric inserts include 25 percent recycled material allowing green sensibility to prevail regardless of exterior color.

“Fiesta is going to be a game-changing product for North America,” said George. “Fiesta will be a dynamic, premium small car that elicits an emotional response from both observer and driver.”
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