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Fiesta Found In Chicago!

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The Fiesta has been found! And it was in Chicago!

Check out the youtube video!

ENJOY! (lol I know I did!)

I'm the one on the hood, hugging the car 8P

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6k rpm redline? Drum rear brakes?

*sigh* Where is the "fun" in that.
does it come with rear disc brakes. I hope so.
6k rpm redline? Drum rear brakes?

*sigh* Where is the "fun" in that.
It's an entry level car that competes with other B-seg cars that all have rear drum breaks. What do you expect? Ford has to keep the price down. But the positive is the aftermarket will be there for those that would like to upgrade.

Thanks for showing this shot, I've wanted to see what colors where the dash, I like them!
I was dreading the Ford green
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wow, those are some big pictures!
Sorry about the size, the forum should resize them. Another forum I posted this on did :S

Is a 6K redline low for a 1.6L?
I spy a FocalJet sticker in one of those pictures.

6k rpm redline does seem a little low for a small engine, considering that the V8 in my Mustang is set to 6500. I am wondering if the Fiesta Movement cars will read speed in km/h instead of mph.
looks pretty good. wouldnt mind getting one
the dash and steering wheel look blue... ewww
I personally like the blueish, I don't understand people's aversion to it.
Sweet pics.

Whatever happened to a once-creative idea to allow the colors to be changable on the dash? It has come and gone over the years but always gets praise from the people who buy the cars with that option.

You'd think with modern LED lighting techniques, someone could really come up with a good idea when it comes to interior lighting.
Oh they're doing plenty with interior lighting nowadays, I think Ford has focused on it particularly in their cheaper cars. They think 20-somethings desperately want customizable ambient lighting, which is a pretty questionable value proposition in my book - if you're gonna spend money developing something, spend it on getting extra MPGs or quieting the ride.

If you've seen the chinese pictures, you can see they have color-coordinated interior schemes that are pretty snappy, but that's with paint/plastic, not LED lights.
I think it looks fantastic.

I noticed the little green icon in the speedo that is for single side parking lamps I hope the US car will keep neat little thoughtful details like this. It wouldn't cost Ford on red cent to keep this feature, or the rear fog lamp for that matter either.

I LOVE the cloth seats, they look very cool!!!!
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