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I found this on a Mustang forum. I don't know if it's still valid, I ordered a brochure about a week ago. There is a $500 dollar military appreciation currently listed on the Ford page

"The $750 Brochure Rebate Coupons now beeing mailed out are now for 2010/2011 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles excepting some hybrids and limited production vehicles like the GT500. I received one Friday the 4-23 and confirmed it on Smart Vincent with my 2011 Mustang VIN.

1. Go on Ford and order a paper snail mail Brochure. They usually take 10-14 days. I ordered a 2010 Mustang Brochure because 2011 brochures are taking about twice that due to demand.
2. Select 0-30 days for time frame before buying.
3. If you have received a Brochure Rebate Coupon before order the brochure using another household members name (Rebate Coupon is household transferable only) or your middle name as Ford only sends one coupon per person.
3. It is combinable with all public incentives (Like Low APR or $500 Bonus Cash) but not Private Ones (Like Millitary $500).
4. It is not usable with A/Z/D Plans but is usable with X-Plan
5. Mine is good for 60 days form the day they printed and mailed it.

PS If you have a 2011 coming in and already have a 2009/2010 Brochure Rebate Coupon that is still good I would call the dealer and have him run a Smart Vincent using the Program ID (33142) and your Customer ID (On Coupon) with your VIN as it may work."
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