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Fiesta Rally Car at Local CO Ford Dealer

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The Swedish Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution (MSE) team showed up at a local Ford dealer in Colorado to promote their Pikes Peak run.

Look for more Pikes Peak coverage coming soon on
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Awesome, pure awesome! I really wish I could have gone out there with the Fiesta Movement, but I am out of vacation time and instead of a plant shutdown, we got overtime. Oh well, at least I have FiestaFaction to keep me up to date. Thanks Ron!
Anyone notice the Blue THREE door and its the S trim variant, that comes with the sport body kit ;) consisting in a front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a re-designed roof spoiler and unique alloy wheels
I saw it! It looks just like the press car that was used in the Tuscany photo shoot. Funny they are showing a variant that won't be sold in the states. Over and over again, the three door hatch is said to be staying on the good side of the Atlantic. Its killing me not to be at Pikes Peak this week.
Man, those rally cars look cool. I want one.
Hey Ron, there is some sweet new material on the Ford Media site that would be worth posting.... so I've heard. :D
In practice, it didn't always go too well:

Also a 2005 Fiesta ST is competing:

And there should be another Euro-Ford there: the iconic 1984 Ford RS 200, but I haven't spotted it yet.

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#200 1984 Ford RS 200: 12:11.561 (950 bhp + Nox = 1150 bhp!)
#5 2009 Ford Fiesta: off the road
#3 2009 Ford Fiesta: 11:28.963 with right rear tire on fire on the finish line!
#48 2005 Ford Fiesta ST: 15:34.808

Now you know the track, some more practice and see you next year!

ps. The Suzuki didn't beat his own record: 10:15.368
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that is an awesome pic! Looks to be at least 2 squeeze Fiesta's parked in the background.
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