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Fiesta Sedan for Europe

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I don't remember seeing this posted, and it deserves a look. Definitely like the US version's tail lights more than these. Still wonder why the EU right wiper can lay nearly completely flat yet our mules cannot. Oh well, I cannot come up with anything so maybe one of you wise members can.
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I thought the tail lights would be identical? Except ours would be symmetric I'd imagine, but that's only a half-difference...
I really don't know why they would change them except for styling reasons. The ROW version has the mandatory yellow turn signals and integrated rear fog lamp.

My guess is the US version will be cheaper and simplified without the rear fog lamp and yellow indicators.
This photo (Link) suggests that the turn signals will remain amber in color and on the outer aspect of the clear housing with the inner/trunk mounted portion containing the reverse light.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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