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Fiesta vs older Honda Civic

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Maybe not a true competitor, but I am interested in how the Fiesta compares to a '92 - '95 Honda Civic. (I have a '92 3dr DX hatchback)

Many of the interior and exterior dimensions are very close but I'm worried that the Fiesta will seem smaller inside. I know the windows are smaller and the rear view is not as good.

One dimension that is different is the height. The top of the Fiesta's roof is about 4 inches taller. However the headroom is similar, which means the seat cushions in the Fiesta must be higher.

The Fiesta engine is larger but the car is heavier also.
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To partially answer my own question I created this illustration. The Images are scaled to the proper size based on the wheelbases of the two cars so it should be accurate. The photo is the Fiesta and the white outline is the 1992-1995 Honda Civic hatchback.

(Photo credit:, I hope that's OK)

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Based on the picture, the Fiesta will feel more "upright" when you sit in it, although the rear and rear side window view may feel more "pinched" in the vertical dimension.

I once had a 1988 generation Civic wagon, while a friend had the same generation hatchback. The wagon was taller and had a more upright seating position than the hatchback (this was particularly noticeable in the back seat). However, it shared a similar (very low) beltline, resulting in very large glass area and a very airy feel that no car sold new today duplicates.
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